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...the artful manipulation of natural, organic materials into functional, geometric objects while preserving and enhancing the inherent characteristics of each unique piece.
...conversely, an appreciation and respect for the force that is necessary to shape geometric, dimensional materials into graceful forms that are inspired by nature...

John Muller

Among the many beautiful forms in nature, trees embody a distinct grace and inspire us to make them part of our living environment. Uniquely combining milled and unmilled wood, artistry and craftsmanship and featuring the natural form, our furniture is made completely by hand.

The company is dedicated to the creation of original, handmade American designs. All of our furniture is made in The United States from domestic hardwoods. The yellow birch used in our stick collection is selectively harvested from our own managed forests in New England. Our solid wood forms are hand carved from fallen timbers. All finishes are developed by us and hand rubbed. In addition to our standard line of furniture, we specialize in custom design and fabrication.

Lorna Lee John Muller Designs is based in New York City with workshops in Vermont and New York.